SUYAM Charitable Trust was formally registered under Trust Act in August 1999 by a group of young college students alongside experienced social workers (below 30 years of age) who have been in this service field since 1987.

SUYAM Charitable Trust works to:

•  Create a network of likeminded groups and institutions to multiply development impact.

•  Promote awareness among the public.

•  Conduct special programs for downtrodden people.

•  Bring out, encourage and develop the hidden skills of students and teachers.

•  Help the old, disabled, destitute, handicapped and poor people who are the inmates of various homes in Tamil Nadu

•  Work to eradicate Aids by organizing and conducting Aids Awareness Camps.

•  Organize camps and training programs in order to develop creativity, personality and scientific outlook among students.

•  Support youth in education and career guidance.

•  Develop social awareness among youth.

•  Ameliorate the suffering of individuals in distress.

•  Work with communities in poverty and improve their lives.
Our Mission

•  Support youth in education and provide career guidance

•  Develop a social conscience in youth

•  Ameliorate the suffering of individuals in distress

•  Work with poor communities and improve their lives

•  Network with institutions and individuals and leverage them for project support

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Free Tution Centres
We have 2 tuition centres in Palavedu Pettai and in 1 centre at Suyam office, to provide free tuition to economically deprived students from 1 st to 12 th std and planning to stretch out to minimum of 20 centers in next academic year. More
Our Projects are

Providing Medical Assistance
We organize as well as participate in health camps in various urban, rural and slum areas.

The camps include medical camps, blood donation camps, cataract operation camps, eye donation camps, and nutrition and hygiene camps. More
How You Can Support
All our activities are funded mainly by donations. These can be even Rs. 10 or less. We still need much more contributions- More
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