SUYAM 'Charitable 'Trust
work for Street Children,Begging Children and Nomadic tribes from 1999 Towards Quality Life, Education And Green Projects. 

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Organic farming and agriculture

Organic farming and agriculture –Reclaiming the waste lands into cultivable lands

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Recent photos at schools, photos captured during events, photos captured while collecting Awards for Suyam and historical pics that provides a trade mark symbol for Suyam

One Rupee Campaign

"One Rupee Campaign"-Suyam Charitable Trust

Like tiny drops make a mighty ocean... Like little grains make a mighty mountain Just a rupee a day from you will bring mighty Changes. Help us in our vision and mission.



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Siragu provides Montessori inspired innovative education (LKG to XII std) to children from families who have been begging, scavenging, farming, pig farming, manufacturing or working in brick kilns for generations.