SUYAM Charitable Trust was formally registered under Trust Act in August 1999 by a group of young college students alongside experienced social workers (below 30 years of age) who have been in this service field since 1987.   

Our goal is to facilitate the expression of inner potentialities in those who have been variously marginalized through holistic 'Human Making' education.

We do not want to 'force' progress on the community, especially of the kind  that is not sustainable and thereby  handicaps communities even more.

We aim to provide maximum service to maximum people to the maximum possible extent. We attempt to provide a life of dignity to all, a life without distinctions based on ability, gender, age, caste, language, region, religion, race, class and nationality and opinion.

Share your Universal Love and Peace Unconditionally!

In the last two decades, through the continuous focus & selfless service and with the support of good Samaritans," been able to establish two schools viz., Siragu Montessori and Bharatha Matha School.

500 Rehabilitated begging Families, families in and around Palavedu Panchayat, and street children in Chennai work actively with us. The families include those who have been for generations, begging, scavenging,

farming, pig farming, manufacturing or working in brick kilns. Students from various schools and colleges and other supporters also assist in our work.